Sunday, May 29, 2011

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Vegetarian Eating

The Shepherd's Pie is a brilliant, healthy alternative to the original, meat based version of the pie. Vegetarian dishes are becoming an increasingly popular option to the traditional meat oriented meals. This is due to the health, and other benefits of these meals. It is becoming increasingly apparent that obesity is becoming a big problem worldwide. A vegetarian diet could be one of the ways that an individual can control their weight.

There is more to the vegetarian diet than simply eating vegetables. There are many different types of vegetarian diets. The following are the most common:

1. Vegans, who avoid all foods of animal origin, including poultry, beef, fish, eggs and dairy products
2. Pescatarians avoid eating all animal flesh with the exception of fish. They eat eggs and dairy products. This diet is often adopted for health reasons
3. Lacto-vegetarians include dairy products in their diet, which would also include dairy products and eggs.
4. Raw Vegans, eats unprocessed vegan foods that have not been heated above a certain temperature (115 degrees F or 36 Degrees C). this is due to the belief that food cooked above this temperature has lost most of its nutritional value and could be harmful to the body

There are various reasons why someone may follow a vegetarian diet. There is the aforementioned health benefit. The diet could also be due to ethical, religious, environmental, economical, labour condition or demographical reasons.

The body's necessary nutrients can be sourced from other sources. Research has shown that the vegetarian tends to have beneficial health attributes such as lower cholesterol, lower risk of hypertension, heart disease, osteoporosis, renal disease, type 2 diabetes amongst other disorders.

The ethics surrounding the consumption of meat are usually based on the premises of the interests of the animal being eaten. The ethical opposition towards the consumption is more often than not divided into schools of thought, the act of killing in general, and the practices surrounding the production of meat.

Certain religions advocate vegetarianism. These include Seventh Day Adventists, Rastafaris, major sects of Hinduism and the Hare Krishnas. Most of these religions do not all out ban the consumption of meat, but in general hold up vegetarianism as an ideal.

Environmental proposition of vegetarianism stems from the concern that the rearing of animals for consumption is unsustainable. The concern is that the livestock industry is a major contributor to environmental degradation.